What’s Light?


The Light is the virtual currency of Firefly. It can be used as an actual currency in Firefly official store and community, users can view the detailed record of the Light in “My account”. Lights can not be cashed or transferred to other users. (Basic exchange rate: 1000 Lights = $1 dollar)


How to get Lights?

Users can get the corresponding Lights by communicating in the developer community. Please refer to Community Points Rules.


How to use Lights?

The Light can be used to deduct full or partial of the amount of products, and the product description shows the number of available Lights.


Is there a limit to the number of Lights and products to buy?

Lights can only be used for products which support Lights exchange, and different products can be exchanged for the number of Lights are not the same , the product details display the number of convertible Lights for the product, if the product can be exchanged with Lights completely, you can use Lights to exchange when you have enough Lights. (Except freight)


I purchased the product, why can not use Lights exchange it?

Different products can be exchanged for the number of Lights are not the same, And some products don’t support to use Lights. User can query the product details to view the number of convertible Lights.


Will Lights be out of date?

Lights don’t expire. (Firefly reserves the right to clear the number of Lights in the account if it involves an abnormal way or by means of a vulnerability.)


If canceled an order with Lights, could Lights be returned?

When the order has been confirmed to cancel successfully, Lights will be returned to the account.

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